Lankan sun and spa await their guests

We know how much you love Sri Lanka, and with what pleasure you rest on this island, enjoying its beautiful beaches, delicious and unusual cuisine, exotic traditions and colorful clothes of local residents. How happy you are to pet the elephants that walk around the island, sit under a palm tree watching unique sunsets, take a tuk-tuk ride with the wind and eat huge shrimps and other seafood. Therefore, we decided that you should not refuse to travel to Sri Lanka, neither in winter nor in summer! 

A large selection of hotels and tours for different durations of rest. can be found in our selection of tours. You can always book your favorite hotel on the promotion of early booking in Sri Lanka or wait until the ticket to Sri Lanka from Kyiv is on sale. Everyone decides what is more important to him and chooses the optimal one.

“Summer is a great time to visit Sri Lanka. There are relatively fewer tourists than in winter, so you will have a more comfortable rest in mind and body, and you can see any sights in abundance - because there will be almost no queues. And the best places in restaurants and on the beach are provided for you!"

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