The second largest city in the Czech Republic is Brno. A beautiful city with a dramatic history that skillfully combines with modern achievements. Brno will delight you with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, traditional food, delicious beer and wine. The city offers a wide range of experiences. Not only lovers of delicious food and history will find their place here, but also families with children, sports fans, bohemians and lovers of the lively life of a big city. So don't allow yourself to be tempted for a long time, but feel its charm on yourself.

What is interesting to see in Brno during the weekend

1. Museum of Technology

The largest technical museum in Moravia can be found in Kralove Pola. In the permanent exhibitions you can learn interesting things about metalworking and iron production, time machines, cutlery, mechanical music or about large steam or water engines. In addition, exhibitions are supplemented from time to time.

2. Dam Brno

The Brno Dam is one of the most important recreational areas of the city of Brno. The reservoir was built in 1936-1940. Initially, the reservoir served only for its intended purpose, today it is used mainly for recreation. Almost all water sports can be practiced on the dam. In winter, they go skating here. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking and cycling. Apart from this dam, you can also swim in several other water pools in Brno.

3. ZOO Brno

Brno Zoo was founded in 1950. It is located in Brno-Bystreka, in the area of Mnisha Hora. On 65 hectares, you can see 306 species, a total of approximately 1568 animals. Arctic wolves, Canadian beavers, bison and Przewalski's horses are the main attraction here.

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4. Denis gardens

Denis Gardens is one of the most popular places in Brno. They are located in the very center of Brno. This is the oldest public park in the Czech Republic, which was opened to people back in 1771. The Way of the Cross with 14 chapels passed through the park. Gradually, a botanical garden with a fountain "Fountain of Health" in the Empire style, a Music Pavilion, terraces of the Capuchin Garden, etc. developed here. In the 90s of the last century, the gardens underwent a major renovation. Through the park you can reach Petrov, Kapucinske namesti, Zelny trh, Spilberk or the Moravian Gallery.

5. Ponavka Valley to Baba Lom

The journey to Babi Lom starts near Globus in Brno, where you cross the track and on the road to the left after 200 meters you will come across a red tourist sign. Then you stick to red for the entire route. On the way, you will pass beautiful ponds, pass through a forest, cross a stream, pass through Lelekovice, until you finally start to climb to Babi Lom, at the top of which you will find a small observation tower with a beautiful view of the district. The return path leads along the rocky ridge to Burnt Stones, from where you will finally no longer strain up, but only down. After half a kilometer you will come to a forest road. From "Lelkovadl" head right along the unmarked path along the Zagumensky brook back to Lelekovice, and from there take the red path through the Ponavka valley back to Globus.

6. Around the Brno Reservoir

The tourist route around the Brno Reservoir starts from the ZOO tram stop. Follow the yellow sign upstream of the Svratka to the dam of the Brno Reservoir. There it is necessary to climb the steep slope by stairs, from where, following the red sign along the embankment, go to the left. You will drive past the marina to Rakovec, then on the yellow road to Pidkomorsky lis, which is the largest forest on the territory of Brno. Follow the cat ravine to the intersection of tourist signs near the Tsar's Well. Attention, the water here is not potable. From the well, you can follow the blue trail to the Veverzhi Castle, from where you can continue along the red trail over the newly built pedestrian bridge to the reservoir. Here you will reach the other side of the dam. The red sign will take you to the Nad Zuwalka signpost, past the port of Nad Zuwalka, a nudist beach and a restaurant in Osada. Continue past the Sokol swimming pool, the memorial to the victims of the First World War, the U Lva restaurant and you will return to the dam of the Brno Reservoir. When you cross the embankment and the pier, you will be at your destination at the Prychal tram stop.

7. Autodrom Brno

The Brno Circuit, or the Masaryk Circuit, offers not only unusual experiences related to motorcycle and car racing, but also karting. The World Motorcycle Championship is held here every year. In addition, the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic is also held here. You can also go roller skating. The autodrome is designed to test the capabilities of your car.

8. Excursion to Veverzhi Castle

A pleasant and comfortable trip for the whole family is a trip to Veverzhi Castle. The castle is located on a rocky promontory above the Brno Reservoir. Veverzhi was once an important seat of Moravian counts. Its gradual restoration is currently underway.

9. Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

There is St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, and the Romanesque-Gothic Church of St. Peter and Paul in Brno. You can find the cathedral on Petrova, which offers a nice view of the city. The temple stands on the site where Brno Castle used to stand. It is also interesting that the local bells ring not at noon, but at 11 a.m., in memory of the event in 1645, when Brno, as the only city in Moravia, defended itself from the Swedish siege during the Thirty Years' War.

10. Villa Tugendhat

Villa Tugendhat represents the best of functionalism in the architecture of the Czech Republic. This is the very first object of this style in the Czech Republic (and the fourth in the world). At the same time, it is also the most outstanding work of Miles van der Rohe. However, the villa was not occupied until 1938, when the owners were forced to leave because they were Jewish. During the war, it was used by the aircraft designer and industrialist Willy Messerschmitt. Already in 1969, it was included in the list of state cultural monuments. It became available to the general public on July 1, 1994.

11. Ossuary near St. Jacob in Brno

The unique, second largest church in Europe, is located next to the church of St. James, where there was once a large cemetery. However, he had to give way to the growing city. Its insufficient bandwidth was also a problem, so it was necessary to solve this problem quickly. Therefore, a system of exchange burial was introduced here, which meant that after 10 years the grave was opened again and the existing remains were replaced with new ones. The original remains then went underground, where they were placed in an ossuary. Victims of the plague and cholera, as well as victims of the Swedish siege, are buried here.


12. Pavilion Anthropos

Take a unique journey into prehistoric times through the Anthropos Pavilion. The unique museum documents the earliest history of the settlement of Moravia and the entire European continent. Children and adults will especially be interested in the 3.5 m high life-size model of a mammoth with cubs. In addition, this large-scale exhibition is one of the largest and most modern in Europe.

13. Shpilberk

Spilberk Castle, built here by King Przemyśl Otakar II, dominates the city of Brno. The castle is one of the most visited places in Brno. The role of the castle gradually changed. From the guard, she made her way through the barracks to the prison for the most serious and dangerous criminals. There are currently several exhibitions and therefore several different toфurs. Shpilberk also offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

14. Mysterious underground under the Green Market

In the cellars under the Green Market, you can get an idea of what the local underground was like in the past. The entrance to the metro is from Zelné trhu No. 21. The tour lasts about 60 minutes. The tour includes an alchemical laboratory, an old wine cellar and a historic pub. Also at the exhibition there are DOTs and cages of madmen. The basement of the mint is located on Dominican Square. During the underground tour, you will walk 212 steps, moving 6-8 meters below the square.

15. Episcopal Court - Moravian Provincial Museum

You can find the Bishop's Court in the historical part of Brno, directly under the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. The complex of buildings, which are one of the permanent exhibits of the Moravian Museum of Local History, houses, for example, the exhibition "Fauna of Moravia" or the numismatic exhibition entitled "History of money in Moravia and Moravian medals". You can also see an aquarium of freshwater fish and models of mushrooms by J. Rulishek.

16. Papilonia

You can see the magical world of butterflies at all stages of life in the Papilonia tropical garden, where representatives of these beautiful animals from the Amazon, Oceania, Central America or Africa live. About three dozen species can be observed during hatching and in ordinary life. Don't forget to take a picture here and post it on social media. network)


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