Hot tours are tour packages with significant discounts. Travel companies cut prices when they fear they won't sell flights or hotel rooms. Usually this happens literally in the last hours, a few days before departure. But there are special offers for early booking.

Most often, promotions are for tours to Turkey, Egypt and other mass destinations. The most special offers for flights from the capital and other major cities of Ukraine.

What are the most popular last minute tours?

Often, everyone prefers to buy last-minute tours for two. Hot trips for one, three and other tourists are less common.

The most popular type of hot package meal is All Inclusive (AI, All). Traveling to Europe and exotic countries usually offers breakfast (BB) or breakfast and dinner (HB).

Most hot spots last 6-7 nights. Last minute sightseeing usually takes 3-5 nights.

How much are last minute tickets?

Last minute cruise prices start at $100 per person per flight. The regular price includes flights, transfers, hotel accommodation, travel insurance.

Last-minute tours start from 30 euros. As a rule, these are bus trips from Lviv.

Hot deals are usually 15-50% off, but can be up to 75% off the standard.

You can order tours to both budget hotels and luxury hotels. See prices for last-minute tours.

When can I book a last minute tour?

You can book hot tours all year round. But the list of hot tourist destinations changes monthly. Tours are usually held during the low season and it depends on the country:

Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia, Turkey - spring and autumn.
Egypt - from the second half of October to the first half of March.
UAE - February, summer, September, October.
Sri Lanka - late spring, summer, September.
Thailand - April - October.
Last minute promotions during holidays and high season are rare.


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