Tunisia is a great destination for family holidays with children

Tunisia's tourism sector is developing very quickly. More than 150,000 Ukrainians visited here in 2017. A lot is happening to interest new tourists from European countries (including vacationers from Ukraine). For example, in 2018, the government of Tunisia intends to welcome 70,000 guests from England.

Why is a trip to Tunisia so interesting from the point of view of recreation?
There are two main reasons: the Mediterranean beach and the low cost of package tours. Tourist experts indicate that in 2018 Tunisia will have nbsp; great demand among tourists who intend to spend their holidays on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Mainly because of lower prices compared to the popular resorts of Spain, Greece, Cyprus. And also taking into account the large hotel base and the choice of budget and high-level hotels with SPA centers and thalasso therapy.
If you still haven't decided on a vacation destination in Tunisia? Our short review of this direction will be in time.

General information about the area is already known to everyone, but it is worth reminding:
The Republic of Tunisia (note, because the name of the state generally coincides with the name of the capital - "Tunisia") is located in Africa, from the northeastern border it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea Climate hot Mediterranean along the coast. As a result, summer weather is perceived more easily, even though the thermometers reach +33⁰С in July. end of September - beginning of October. A fairly short flight of about 3.5 hours, will not be tiring and will immediately immerse you in the atmosphere of rest.

What should be tried in Tunisia?
For fans of gastro tourism, there will also be something useful. Focus on these classic dishes:
Shorba is a vegetable tomato soup made with lamb, chicken or fish. Served with plenty of pepper! It will be useful for connoisseurs of thrills.
Couscous will be one of the most important, local dishes of Tunisia. In order for it to acquire a unique, special taste, it is prepared in special cauldrons with a double bottom. Tender lamb or chicken that melts in your mouth is prepared on the bottom, and grits on top.
Tajin - casseroles made from lamb, potatoes and eggs, with the addition of cinnamon and coriander. The dish stands out with a very excellent taste.
A quality traditional drink of Tunisians is herbal tea, brewed with mint and pine nuts. Despite the fact that the majority of Tunisians practice Islam, excellent wines and the date drink "Tiburin" are produced here.


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