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Where to find and compare tours, for the next or early booking - all this is available to you in any country, including Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Cyprus, UAE, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bulgaria and others! Leading tour operators are active in our selection, including a ready-made all-inclusive tour package. It is not necessary to review the search engines of each of them: Pegas Touristic, Coral, Join Up, TPG, Tez Tour, Anex-Tour, TUI Ukraine, Siesta, Alf, etc. - we do not give preference to anyone, only the best offer for our client. Send an order conveniently without leaving your home sitting on the couch at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The task is to find a low cost - online selection of a tour by the TurpoisK agency from Kyiv

The system will help you determine the best operators offer. All prices are automatically pulled up and sorted to give you the best vacation package for the whole family right away. You only need to fill in a couple of simple points:

  • where you want to go - choose a country, resort or hotel;
  • next, we set the estimated date of departure, the beginning of your vacation, preferably with a margin of several days (sometimes a difference of one day can differ by 10 or even 100 dollars);
  • Of course, the number of tourists is important, indicate adults and children separately (under 12 years old);
  • meals on vacation - popular all inclusive or enough breakfast-dinner;
  • set additional parameters for the budget, wishes: category, rating and service on the territory of accommodation.

The more concisely the criteria are formulated, the more accurately the online selection of the tour for yours will be made and the less unnecessary options will be viewed. Of course, you can read the description, see photos and select one or another hotel in any city of Ukraine based on reviews.

Favorable and transparent terms of cooperation

Sending an application in search of tours for all tour operators does not oblige you to buy anything, you should not worry that you will have to pay for everything right away. Next, the manager will contact you and provide all the information on how to buy at our travel agency TurpoisK Kyiv, possible payment methods, details of the trip to rest (flight data, airline, tour operator, insurer).

The last step will be the issuance of documents for the train, everything prepared can be received from our office or remotely by e-mail and printed out on your own. If you order a full tour package, our employee issues:

  • vouchers for accommodation, transfers;
  • air tickets for the flight;
  • insurance policy;
  • a detailed memo with the contacts of the host party in place.

Regardless of the scope of services, each of our travelers receives recommendations and guidance regarding the trip. How to behave properly in the host country, spend holidays or holidays with loved ones with pleasure and positive emotions.


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