A popular year-round resort in southern Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh is rich in hotel variety and location. At any time of the year, you can find and buy a ticket to Egypt, taking into account the weather conditions and the location of the hotel, where everyone will be comfortable. The most exciting, of course, is the winter period, when windy weather and a relative decrease in air temperature do not allow you to fully enjoy all the benefits of the Red Sea. It is at such a time that the choice of the bay where the hotel, its territory and the beach is located becomes relevant and exciting. Thanks to a few of our tips, you will easily be able to determine priorities in choosing a hotel.

1. Sharks bay

Sharks bay

Let's start with the northern part, where we will highlight probably one of the most popular and famous bays - Sharks Bay. One of the most numerous in terms of number of hotels, different levels and cost. Excellent location near the airport, you will arrive on vacation among the first with minimal time spent on the transfer, in the center of the entertainment attractions of SOHO Square. A distinctive feature of this place will be the magnificent coral reefs right next to the hotel, a short coral plateau, the absence of currents and clean transparent water, where the visibility is very high.

Highlighted hotels in Sharks Bay:

Sunrise Grand Select Arabian Beach Resort 5* is one of the most interesting hotels in Sharm recently. A well-kept area is combined with high service and a beautiful reef, next to the Sultan Gardens Hotel
Four Seasons Resort SSH 5* - a premium class hotel, for demanding tourists Grand Rotana Resort & Spa 5* - a hotel for youth recreation
Hilton Sharks Bay 4* - a relatively inexpensive option from a global chain, on the first and second lines of the hull, with a wonderful reef. (refers to White Knight Bay)
Savoy 5* - a hotel with a great location, a short pontoon and an excellent reef (refers to White Knight Bay)
Sierra 5 * - immediately on the SOHO square, behind the Savoy hotel. With a good level of service and food. (refers to White Knight Bay)
Sultan Gardens 5* - an excellent choice in the combination of price and quality for all categories of tourists.

2. Naama Bay

Naama Bay

It is considered one of the oldest and first equipped in the city. It developed together with the resort and has most of the hangouts, shops, souvenir shops and other entertainment. Here are the popular discos Le Pasha and Black House, it is here that you can admire the best views of the bay from the Panorama restaurant and visit the legendary Hard Rock Cafe. You can stock up on souvenirs and haggle with local vendors at the eastern market behind le Pasha night club.

There are a large number of hotels in Naama Bay, but not many stand out for their high level and quality. Therefore, we can recommend only a few:
Novotel Beach 5* and Novotel Palm 5* - high-class hotels separated only by a road and located on the first and second lines in the very center of the bay
Movenpick Sharm 5* is a worthy representative of the famous hotel chain, located on the heights. The amphitheater buildings descend to the seashore, which provides a wonderful view from all rooms.

3. Ras-um-el-Sid Bay

Ras-um-el-Sid Bay

So we came to one of the most sheltered places from the wind and bad weather in Sharm in winter. A distinctive feature of this bay is its closure by rocks on three sides, which is important when buying a tour to Egypt in winter. The beach is below the level of the hotel territory and you need to go down to it either by stairs or a serpentine path, admiring the stunning view of the sea and the coral reef. Which in this place is really chic. An incredible combination of reefs at depth and a sandy gentle entrance to the sea makes it possible to relax comfortably with small children all year round. The location of the hotels makes it possible to quickly reach the center of the old city and make all the necessary purchases, as well as see its sights.
Hotels in this bay is not many and we can recommend them:
Reef Oasis Beach Resort 5* - an ideal place for both family and young people. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will be delighted by the unforgettable underwater world.
Jaz Fanara Resort & Residence (ex.Iberotel Club Fanara) 4* - a wonderful family hotel, Jaz chains. Will delight with food and service. And, of course, a wonderful reef in the bay.

4. Sharm-El-Maya Bay

Sharm-El-Maya Bay

Probably the prize of audience sympathy and the palm of the championship in this rating goes to El Maya bay. If you choose this place, your vacation in Egypt will be great at any time of the year. Surrounded on all sides by bad weather, it gives you the opportunity to comfortably and calmly spend your time enjoying your vacation at any time of the year. Located practically in the center of the Old Town, it gives the opportunity to walk and make the necessary purchases in the local eastern markets in the evening. A gentle entrance to the sea, a clean sandy beach, the absence of fish and sea urchins near the edge of the sea make this a great place to relax with children. Of course, there is also a coral reef, but you have to go to it on a pontoon and its diversity is much less than in other regions of Sharm.
Recommended hotels in El Maya bayis not so much, it is not necessary to highlight it, everything is simple:
>Albatros Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheikh 4* is a great hotel for families with children. Many mountains and a wonderful sea in the bay.
Albatros Aqua Park 5* - a completely renovated hotel in 2017, with excellent opportunities for recreation with children, a huge water park, good service and cuisine.
Iberotel Palace 5* is a wonderful, quiet hotel for two, with excellent German network service and a stunning location on a sandy beach.

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