Vacation in Egypt is definitely worth everyone's attention

Egypt is rightfully considered one of the two most popular destinations among Ukrainians. Not only in words, solid statistics confirm that the number of outbound tourists from Ukraine to Egypt is growing every year. Perhaps we will soon witness 1 million tourists annually, while this figure is only close.

So, let's see what attracts our compatriots to the country of pyramids. Let's start with perhaps one of the most important advantages, which is the proximity of flights and the convenience of the flight program. Every year, tour operators try to put more and more charters on resorts, sometimes experimenting by adding new ones. Risks are not always justified, and in the last few years, we have not established such strongholds, arrival airports as Marsa Alam, Taba, El Alamein, etc. As many years ago, Sharm-el-Sheikh and Hurghada remain the main and irreplaceable destinations for all tourists who are transported to the resorts on a transfer included in the price of the tour.


Quite tireless and fast flight, takes on average about three and a half hours from Kyiv and about the same from the regions, mainly regional centers of Ukraine. A few years ago, during this short period of time, airlines even managed to feed twice as many tourists flying on vacation. Now, all carriers optimize and reduce the cost of air tickets and do not provide such a service in the basic economy class. The largest part of the flight program occupies the winter period, when other nearby destinations cannot boast of warm weather. In Egypt, charters are increasing and we can offer our customers not only daily direct flights, but also the choice of a convenient flight time. Some operators usually take advantage of variety and charge extra for morning and evening flights, while everyone tries to plan their trip as profitably as possible and spend more time by the sea, even taking into account some increase in the total cost.

Each year the availability of the trip becomes more and more, for example, this year was marked by the liberalization of visa formalities. Now the passport for travel must be valid for at least 3 months from the moment of return from vacation, previously the validity period was 6 months, which significantly simplifies the selection of tours online.

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The ease of obtaining an Egyptian visa, which is issued upon arrival, is also important. You only need to fill out a form issued by a representative of the tour operator and pay a visa fee of $25.

I want to note useful information on how not to pay for a visa) Such a life hack is available only if you arrive at Sharm el-Sheikh airport and do not plan to go outside the Sinai Peninsula (for example, on excursions in Israel) - on the received application form, you indicate "SINAI ONLY", which entitles you not to pay $25 for a visa. Also, in this case, it should be taken into account that your stay in Egypt should not exceed two weeks (15 days).

A better ratio of the paid value of received emotions and services. You can't argue with this, because after paying the price of the tour in Kyiv, you won't have to think about anything else. The price of package tours to Egypt includes a full range of services for a carefree vacation: direct flight, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, accommodation with meals all included and medical insurance. Almost every hotel has entertainment programs and infrastructure for a comfortable rest, so you don't have to leave its territory to return home.

Egypt is a warm country, even in the cool months the air temperature does not drop below +15 degrees in the evening. What may seem surprising, but the water in the Red Sea is never below +21, no matter what it is outside, and you can always swim and admire the beauty of the underwater world.

A strange place that is difficult to visit for such money as we pay for Egypt. The strikingly diverse underwater world, the coral reef, is incomparable to anything else. Similar examples can be visited only in the Maldives or on the shores of Australia, but this is a completely different travel budget, everyone understands this. A rich variety of corals, about 200 species, dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, unusual tropical fish, even a rare sea cow can be found here.

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A trip to Egypt is a vacation for everyone, it doesn't matter what you like, everyone can find adventures here. Despite the fact that looking for a tour to Egypt does not take a lot of time and effort. You can relax comfortably with children of any age, the hotels have heated and unheated swimming pools, water parks and animation programs. For adults, you can choose excursions or activities to your liking. Someone will be interested in antiquities, pyramids, history. Another can be found in diving, snorkeling or windsurfing. A huge selection of excursions to Giza, Luxor, Cairo, Ras Mohammed Reserve, Alexandria will be offered to you at every step for an affordable fee. Ancient Egypt is very interesting and culturally rich. Without ever leaving, you can very cheaply try and enjoy full local fruits, which are very different from our imported ones. In season, you can buy a kilogram of the most delicious mangoes for just one dollar, which would be almost impossible in our latitudes. Bananas, dates, guavas, oranges, avocados and much more will pamper lovers.

And a bonus addition to all of the above will be a unique opportunity to visit the neighboring country of Israel and its holy places, for a very reasonable fee. Bus group tours are organized constantly, mainly from Sharm and cost from 80 dollars. per person For strong-willed and hardy travelers, there will be an opportunity to combine a beach vacation in Egypt and an excursion in Israel.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that Egypt is now very inexpensive, one can only guess how long it will last. On the example of Turkey, we can say unequivocally. When the air service is restored and the attitude of the Egyptian authorities with the Russians improves, the price policy will change immediately and clearly not in the direction of cheaper prices. We recommend not to leave the opportunity to have a good rest at a low cost in a long suitcase, because the cost is from 400-500 dollars. for two, they are not only impressive, but also please the family budget.


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