Are you coming to Bucharest and don't want to miss the best tourist attractions? Do you live here but want to discover new places to visit in Bucharest? Then try the list we have compiled, our suggestions and recommendations.

Let's think about what you can see in Bucharest?

There are places where you will feel good, either alone or with friends or family.

1. Art Safari

Exhibition season which can be visited in the Old Center. Art Safari offers us an exhibition created in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, one of the largest art museums in the world, with extremely valuable works signed by John Constable. The British artist is one of the greatest landscape painters of all time. The exhibition will also include paintings signed by the famous Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt, William Turner and Thomas Gainsborough.

And in the Romanian art section, you can admire the creations of Stefan Popescu, one of the main traveling artists of Romanian art and friend of Constantin Brancusi.

2. Brezoianu Street

An ideal place for an exquisite walk. Feel like a tourist in your city! If the Old Center is no longer as cool as the place to visit in Bucharest and Calea Victoriei is the new Old Center, we have another place to recommend: Strada Brezoianu. The dynamics of Brezoianu Street starts at the Dymbovica bank, crosses Lipskanyul and Elisabeth Boulevard, and then approaches the Palatuluy Hall.

Coming from the Old Center, Brezoianu offers you one of the most beautiful street views in Bucharest, especially since many of the buildings here have been renovated. In addition, the street is full of hipsters, people and cool places: Cafenea Trofic, located on the corner very close to Cismigiu, where you feel like you are in Paris, watching passers-by on the street, Burger Van (probably the best burgers in town at a decent price), Palatul Universul (more on that below), and behind Elisabeth Boulevard are Pâine si Vin and Energiea bistros. Not to mention, a stone's throw from Energy, you can probably find the best coffee in town, at Origo. Go ahead and give it a try if you haven't already, it will revolutionize your coffee taste.

3. Museum of Folk Art of Nikolai Minovich

This is an eclectic museum in a magnificent neo-Romanian style villa, which also has a beautiful park where you can take a stroll after visiting the museum. And it suits you very well. Or to relax and pet two cats in the museum) or to soak up everything you saw and experienced while walking around the museum.

This is a large house by the standards of that time, it is practically littered with paintings, photographs, ceramics, icons, sculptures and many other exhibits. All of them are extremely meaningful and primarily express the tastes and emotions of the Minovici collector. You will see plates turned into chandeliers, you will see photos of young women in folk costumes in slightly sexy poses, you will see a chic collection of painted eggs and much more. All of them are from the time of Minovich, the beginning of the 20th century. This is a museum of folk art that will impress on at least three levels: the expressiveness of folk art and the originality of its presentation in the museum, the architecture of the villa and, last but not least, the large park.

buharest 2

To really enjoy the park, we recommend going during quiet hours on weekends because it is very close to the Mioritsa Fountain, where many cars pass every day. Combine this visit with a visit to the nearby Royal Railway Station.

4. Weekend Sessions

Relax in the center of Bucharest with music and good food. If you want to listen to good music, watch a movie, eat delicious food, meet interesting people and relax in nature in the center of Bucharest, we definitely know what to recommend: musical picnics that take place every afternoon every weekend since summer in the Botanical Garden. You can find out more about who plays, how much it costs, and more on the weekend you're interested in on the Weekend Sessions event page.

5. Botanical Garden

One of the most beautiful places in Bucharest. The Botanical Garden is a special place where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of Bucharest. Hidden in the heart of the garden, away from the noise, you will find the greenhouses. Enter with confidence! Entrance to the botanical garden in summer costs about 10 lei, entrance to the greenhouses is paid separately.

6. Cotroceni Museum

One of the most elegant places to visit in Bucharest. Opposite the Botanical Garden is the entrance to the Cotroceni Museum. The visit must be scheduled because it can only be done with a museum guide. You will practically walk through the same rooms where the kings and queens of Romania used to live.

7. Memorial House of Ion Minulescu

One of the most relaxing places in Bucharest. Very close to the Cotroceni Museum is the apartment of the family of the poet Ion Minulescu. This is an apartment that invites you to relax and dream. Moreover, you will return to the atmosphere of the salons of interwar Bucharest. The hostess will be a very nice lady close to the Minulescu family.

8. Kotrochensky district

If you have been imbued with the spirit of Bucharest of the past, we suggest you keep this state. How? Walk around the Cotroceni area. You will find quiet streets and beautiful houses, and cats loitering around every corner. You can also visit local restaurants and cafes. But also small business products in Cotroceni.

9. Palace of Parliament

Probably one of the most controversial places to visit in Bucharest. We return to the later history of Bucharest by visiting the House of the People/Palatul Parlamentului, very close to Cotroceni. To build it, an entire area was destroyed here... For this and many other reasons, this is one of the most controversial places to visit in Bucharest. But also one of the most sought after by both foreign and Romanian tourists.

10. National Museum of Modern Art

One of the most interesting museums in Bucharest is located in the Palace of the Parliament. We are talking about the National Museum of Modern Art, where you can admire Romanian and foreign contemporary art. At the end of your visit, take some time to relax on the rooftop terrace. From here you can see part of Bucharest, the park of the Palace of the Parliament, as well as the Cathedral of the Nation...

11. Museum of Contemporary Art

Plus on the list of the coolest places to visit in Bucharest. Since we are still talking about contemporary art, don't miss one of Bucharest's newest museums, MARe - Contemporary Art Museum. This is a private museum that houses the collection of the creator of the museum, but not only. You will have the opportunity to see temporary exhibitions, including well-known foreign artists. If you want to feel like you are in an open-air museum, MARe lives up to this expectation.

12. Zambaccian Museum – Picasso and Matisse meet Tonitsa and Grigorescu.

A few blocks from the Museum of Modern Art, the Zambak Museum awaits. The collection of the Museum of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture is displayed in a magnificent villa. This is a cozy museum with works by Tonica, Theodore Pallady, Petrascu, Nicolae Grigorescu, as well as Picasso, Cezanne or Matisse.

13. Cismigiu Garden

Until now, Cismigiu Garden, the oldest and most luxurious park in Bucharest, could not be recommended because it was dirty and neglected. An aspect that has changed markedly in recent months. To fully enjoy its beauty, the best time to visit is a few days when the trees are in bloom. Cismigiu Garden is not only a visual but also an olfactory splendor. If you want to take a break to better absorb the peaceful atmosphere of the park, you can choose one of the cafes. You will find a chic and artistic restaurant with tables outside, which can be accessed from the entrance on via Gheorghe Lazar. The cafe is marked on Google Maps as a boutique free zone, strange - why would...

14. Calea Victoriei and Creative District

From the Zambac Museum, head to Victoria Square, from where you enter Calea Victoria. Calea Victoriei is one of the old streets of Bucharest that has retained its former charm. In addition, you can admire several museums and beautiful buildings on Calea Victoria or nearby.

Also here you will find shops, creative workshops, cafes, bars, chocolatiers, pastry shops, restaurants, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you walk or rent a bike or scooter. For the last two options, a rather generous special track awaits you.

15. Museum of Art Collections

At 900 meters from the entrance to Calea Victoria you will find the recently renovated Museum of Art Collections. As the name suggests, it houses art collections donated to the Romanian state. That is why the museum is quite diverse, bringing together everything from religious art and decorative objects to contemporary art. Like the Zambak Museum, it is very pleasant and friendly to visitors.

16. National Art Museum of Romania.

After a few hundred meters you will reach the National Art Museum. Here you can admire the most valuable collection of ancient and modern Romanian art, as well as European art. For more information about what you can see here, you can find out on the website of the National Museum of Art.

17. Romanian Athenaeum

An iconic place to visit in Bucharest. Opposite the National Art Museum is the Romanian Ateneum, the symbol of Bucharest and Romania. This is one of the most impressive buildings in Romania both outside and inside. Some of the biggest figures of Romanian culture held conferences or concerts here. (The Bellu cemetery contains the tombstones of many of them, including those of Eminescu, Caragiale and Kobuk.)

Information on how to visit it can be found on the George Enescu Philharmonic website if you don't go straight to the Philharmonic's classical music concert at the Ateneum.

18. Chariot with beer

Further, further along Calea Victoria, we reach the Old Center. Here we have at least two places worth seeing: Caru' cu Beer and Stavropoleos Church. The chariot, built in neo-Gothic style, is a historical monument of architecture. But it's also a very good place for a Romanian meal after a day in Bucharest. Book early or you won't find a spot.

19. Stavropoleos Church

Are you looking for a few moments of peace after walking down the Calea Victoria? Then, enter the courtyard of the Stavropoleos Church and admire the details of the Brankovo-style building, which today is a historical monument and an oasis of calm.

20. Palace of the Universe

The Center for Creative Energy - The Palace of the Universe is not a historical monument, but it is worth seeing and trying. It is filled with creative energy and is only suitable for spending a few hours of relaxation and pampering in Bucharest. Thus, there is a theater, an architectural office, advertising agencies and a recording studio. There is also a dance hall, a designer shop and an art gallery. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at what the cafe and bar in Palat, as well as other tenants, have prepared for you.

21. Village Museum

How about an open-air museum? Would you like to experience village life in the center of Bucharest? The village museum includes a very extensive collection of more than 120 peasant houses and outbuildings from different parts of the country. The schedule of visits can be found on the website of the Village Museum.

22. Melik House – Theodore Pallady Museum

We are lucky that one of the oldest and most beautiful houses in Bucharest is open to visitors. In addition, many paintings signed by Theodor Pallady found their home here.

23. Memorial House of Anton Pann

The most interactive place to visit in Bucharest. Opened in 2018, the Anton Pann Memorial House is only good for visiting, especially for families with children. This is a memorial house, as it is from the outside. Because you can interact with everything else in the house. You can play with installations, animations, an archive of sounds and musical instruments. You can hear the instruments in the music written by Anton Pann. All of the above is intended to take you back to the time when Anton Pann lived. The house is also interesting from the point of view of the history of Bucharest. Because here you can see and feel what Bucharest was like two centuries ago.

24. Tudor Arghezi Memorial House

An orchard in the center of Bucharest, almost two hectares in the middle of Bucharest, right? Yes, this is the Tudor Arghezi memorial house. It is a corner isolated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where you can relax in the garden and listen to the history of the house and the Arghezi family.

25. Vacaresti Natural Park

Unusual places in Bucharest to visit. Are you looking for another Bucharest? Then the Văcaresti Natural Park is for you. It is a delta born in the center of Bucharest, in a place that should have been a lake in the hydrological system of Bucharest. It's just that the communist-era project wasn't completed. So in the following decades, a quarry with an area of ​​almost 190 hectares was mastered by nature.

Originally lined with concrete and surrounded by a dam, today it is the first and only protected natural area in Bucharest. It deserves to be seen. You can admire more than 90 species of birds, including rare ones, including herons, coots, swans, cormorants, gulls. Including small animals such as otters. You can visit the park both independently and in an organized manner. A visit to Vacaresti Park will fill you with energy. And you will see what wonders nature can do in the fight against concrete.

26. Garden of Eden

Are you tired or thirsty after visiting and exploring the sights of Bucharest? No problem, because in the center is the best summer garden in the capital. It is a kind of secret place because it is not visible from the street, it is located among the trees that spontaneously grew behind the building on Calea Victoria. This leads to two very big benefits. The world that frequents it is of very good quality and the atmosphere is perfect. And the second advantage is the feeling of wildness that free-growing trees give. It's like you can't believe you're a few hundred meters from Calea Victoria. Address: Calea Victoriei, 107.

These are the best places to visit in Bucharest that we recommend. In addition, Bucharest has dozens of cafes, gardens, restaurants, workshops, shops. Relax as you discover them between walks in the parks and the visits listed above.


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