Lodz is a city completely different from all others, with the famous Petrkivska Street, beautiful architecture and unusual atmosphere. It is an amazing place with an interesting tourist offer, where everyone will find something for themselves. For example, a factory, and today a loft and a modern character, with many pubs and entertainment venues. This provincial capital is located in the central part of Poland, at the intersection of highways and main railways.

Although not many people know about it, the roots of Lodz probably go back to the 12th century, and the first documentary mention of the settlement dates back to 1332. However, for most Lodz is, first of all, the industry of the 19th century, when its intensive development took place and numerous textile factories and residences of wealthy entrepreneurs were built.

So what can you see in Lodz?

Lodz is a big city with many attractions for people of different ages and interests. Every architecture and film lover will be delighted here, but children in Lodz will also like it.

1. Petrkivska in Lodz

Those who do not have much time to visit the capital of the region should at least walk along the famous Petrkivska street, which stretches for almost 5 km. This is Lodz in two words, as the city developed around this route and characteristic buildings were concentrated around it. Beautifully restored commercial buildings in the style of Art Nouveau and Eclectic, villas and luxurious palaces of former entrepreneurs rise majestically here, finally, complexes of industrial architecture of the XIX century, headed by the White Factory. There is also a majestic cathedral.

And museums, pubs, restaurants, discotheques, art galleries and cinemas - in short, everything. You can also see recently fashionable sculptures, monuments and other works of small architecture, such as "Tuvim's Bench", "Rubinstein's Grand Piano", "Ushatek Bear" and others. Huge murals grow like mushrooms on the walls of historical buildings. Petrkivska Street in Lodz is a business card of the city and, by the way, the longest embankment in Poland, and maybe even in Europe!

2. Manufaktura and other factories, ie. Fabryczna Lodz.

You can still admire traces of the city's industrial history in Lodz, mainly in the popular shopping and entertainment center Manufaktura, which was built on the site of the former 19th-century textile factory of Israel Poznański. Next to it stands the beautiful Poznań Palace. Also very interesting in this regard is the area of Xenzhi Mlyn with the huge Scheibler factory, the working village and the houses of the manufacturers. Today, the former factory building houses loft apartments. On Petrkivska Street is the famous Ludwik Geyer's White Factory, which now houses the Central Museum of Textiles.

3. Lodz Zoo

Zoo in Lodz is the Municipal Zoological Garden, which will soon impress with its western level and unusual appeal, because in autumn 2021 the Orientarium, a huge modern pavilion with Asian animals, which has been under construction for several years, is due to open here. It will be warm and colorful all year round with great biodiversity. The main inhabitants of the Orientarium will be elephants, who have their own private pool here, and you will be able to watch them from below while bathing.

And this huge shark tunnel! An interesting and old part of the zoo with a unique Asiatic lion, koendu and giraffes. The Lodz Zoo is located almost in the center of the city, a little west of Petrkivska Street. You can drive to the zoo, because free parking is located almost at the entrance to the zoo. Near the entrance you will see a statue of Mauritius and Havranka. We have already visited the Orientarium, and we have to admit, it is really impressive!

4. Botanical garden and palm house in Lodz

The Botanical Garden in Lodz is an ideal enclave of peace, beckoning you to stroll among the rich vegetation. The garden is one of the largest in Poland and was established in 1929 on the site where the Palm House stands today, in Lodz's oldest park, Zrodliska Park I. The garden was established in its current location in the 1960s. Here you will find colorful flowers, a Japanese garden, a hornbeam maze, a historic linden alley and ponds with ducks and blooming water lilies.

We also liked the Garden of Medicinal and Technical Plants, with huge beautiful sunflowers, herbs and pumpkins. The Lodz Palm House is a branch of the Botanical Garden - it is a warm and colorful place, beautiful not only in summer, but also in the cold season. Palm trees over 130 years old and many other exotic plants grow here.

5. The fabulous Lodz trail

The Fairytale Lodz Trail is great entertainment for children and adults. Children just love to find fairy-tale characters scattered in various corners of Lodz, near attractions, and adults look at them with feeling, because they remind them of their childhood. Characters Tropes refer to films made by Studio Małe Filmowych Se-ma-for.

It is worth noting that more than 1,400 animated films were shot in Lodz, which were broadcast in dozens of countries around the world. The most famous characters of Tropa in Lodz are Mish Ušatek on Petrkivska Street, Mauritsii and Havranek near the Zoo, or Philemon and Boniface from the Museum of Cinematography.

6. Experimentarium in Lodz

Experymentarium in Lodz is a great place for the whole family, it is an interesting and interactive science center located in the popular Manufactory in Lodz. In this unusual amusement park, you will solve various scientific puzzles while having fun. Weren't you an expert in physics, biology or chemistry?

No problem, with the "Experimentarium" you will definitely get smarter from interesting experiences, and children will remember visiting here as a great entertainment.

7. Scientific and technical center EC1 in Lodz

EC1 in Lodz is a new attraction in Lodz, opened in 2018. At that time, it was also the largest object of this type in Poland. Three permanent exhibitions have been created here on six floors: "Energy Processing" (related to the history of this place, i.e. the first commercial power plant in Lodz), "Development of Knowledge and Civilization" and "Microworld - Macroworld", which shows that we cannot see with the naked eye, from atoms through tree pollen to the farthest depths of space. You will probably be delighted with this place.

8. Old cemetery in Lodz

The old cemetery in Lodz is wonderful, if you like old necropolises, a walk through it will bring you great pleasure. This is one of the most important and beautiful necropolises in Lodz. It dates back to 1855 and is tri-confessional, divided into 3 parts - Catholic, Evangelical and the smallest Orthodox. In the cemetery you will see mausoleums of Lodz manufacturers, the most beautiful of which is the Neo-Gothic mausoleum of Karol Scheibler 1885-88. in the gospel part.

The Catholic part is dominated by the Neo-Renaissance mausoleum of the Heinzley family from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. It concerns the heart of the grave of a small child sleeping on a pillow, between the children's monuments, behind the Scheibler chapel in the evangelical part. The ivy-covered grave of 4-year-old Gustav Pitlich in 1909 was discovered in 2006.

9. Jewish cemetery in Lodz.

It is also worth visiting another necropolis in Lodz, which is just as atmospheric and brings great emotional experiences. This cemetery in Lodz is the largest Jewish cemetery in Poland and the second largest in Europe after the Berlin Cemetery. About 230,000 people are buried here. The cemetery dates back to 1892 and is still active. It is surrounded by a high brick wall, and the entrance is located on the street. Variable.

Behind the wall you will see matseva bushes, arranged in rows and stretching over a huge area. Most of them are modest, with inscriptions in Hebrew, but there are also several large tombstones, including the mausoleum of the manufacturer Israel Poznański and other Lodz industrialists - Jaroczynski, Hertz and Prussak.

10. Frescoes in Lodz

This is what Lodz is famous for throughout Poland, its beautiful and sometimes amazing frescoes. They are scattered all over the city, just look up and you are bound to come across one of them. Already on Petrkivska Street you will see murals. They decorate the walls of buildings and create the largest open city gallery in Poland.

They are painted by well-known street artists from Poland (for example, Proembrion, M-City, Etam) and from abroad (for example, Osgemeos, Eduardo Kobra or Inti). The murals were created as part of the Festival of the Gallery of Urban Forms, and earlier the International Graffiti Festival.

The first modern mural in Lodz was created in 2001 thanks to the art group Design Futura from Lodz. It is located at the address of st. Piotrkowska 152 and was included in the Guinness Book of Records. For a while it was the biggest graffiti in the world.

Now the murals have gone even further and entire installations are created on the walls of buildings, which additionally consist of mirrors, rods and even car parts. It is an integral part of the architecture of Lodz – the only such city in Poland!

11. Mandoria in Zhguv

Mandoria is a new attraction. This is another great family place outside of Lodz, but right next door, in the Ptak shopping center in Zgow. The whole family will have a great time here at the indoor amusement park with more than a dozen attractions that adults can enjoy as well.

Mandoria is not cheap, but children, especially younger ones, will have a good time here. For the crazed youth, Mandoria may be too slow. On the territory there is a lot of gastronomy and a large free parking lot.

12. Arturowek bathhouse in Lodz

Arturuvec is located on the northern outskirts of Lodz, in Lahivnicki Forest. Fantastic recreation areas await you here. They are ideal for walks, sunbathing and active family recreation. Several reservoirs are ingeniously arranged here. One of them offers the rental of water bikes and kayaks. On the other side, there is a sandy beach with a municipal swimming pool.

On the opposite bank, which can be reached in just a few minutes, is also interesting. There is a children's playground here, and next to it there is a water playground. Free and crowd-free. There are kiosks with ice cream and coffee on the territory. All surrounded by forest, you can walk, ride a bike or have a picnic as much as you want. Immerse yourself in nature and escape from the big city spread out right next to you.

13. Lahivnytskyi forest in Lodz

Let's stay longer in Lahivnytsia Puscha, because it is a very interesting place in Lodz. Not everyone knows that Lahivnytskyi Forest is one of the largest urban forests in Europe. These are the remains of the former Lodz Forest, which covered the territory of the city 200 years ago. Many hiking and cycling paths pass through this forest. It is part of the Lodzinski Hills landscape park. The area of Lahivnytsia Pushcha hides many wonders, such as the aforementioned Arturowek or wooden baroque chapels.

14. The shrine of St. Roh and St. Anthony in Lodz

Two wooden chapels are worth seeing on Vytsechkova Street in Lahivnytsia Pushcha. They are literally opposite each other. This is the chapel of St. Roch and Sebastian of the 18th century and the chapel of St. Antonia from the 17th century, more precisely from 1676. Interestingly, this is the oldest surviving building in Lodz! Inside the chapel of St. Anthony there is a well with spring water, which is considered miraculous. Both chapels are open and you can look inside them.

15. Reserve Struga Dobeshkovska

Near Lodz, in the north, in the town of Dobeškow, there is a picturesque pond. The Struga-Dobeshkivska Nature Reserve begins here. You can take a walk in the forest or on the bike path. The small river Mlynivka flows here.

16. Nagavka open-air museum

Nagavka Open Air Museum is a very charming place in the middle of nowhere, with beautiful wooden buildings and access without asphalt. Such old, wooden buildings are fascinating, especially since they are not only ordinary cottages, but also significant buildings. Nagywaka Open Air Museum is about a 30-minute drive from the center of Lodz.


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