If there is a recipe for the perfect holiday destination, it probably has a fascinating history, magnificent architecture, rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and a vibrant nightlife.

So what is worth seeing in Krakow?

A small ancient town will be able to enchant you on the fly. A short weekend will fly by in an instant while strolling through ancient corners. We offer the best tourist attractions that can be found in Krakow and its surroundings.

1. Wawel

Over the centuries, many coronations, funerals and burials of Polish monarchs and princes took place in the Royal Cathedral. This is the third church on this site, consecrated in 1364. The original was founded in the 11th century by King Boleslaw I the Brave and replaced by a Romanesque house around 1140. When it burned down in 1305, only the crypt remained. See The Holy Cross, the Sigismund Chapel, the Sigismund Bell, St. Leonard's Cathedral and the royal crypts.

2. Beer spa

Beernarium Piwne Spa is an unusual attraction located in the center of Krakow, in the basement of an old apartment building. The place is full of relaxation, intimate atmosphere and great beer. The Beer Spa organizes nourishing beer, wine and milk baths in combination with idyllic rest on the straw and tasting of delicious drinks. The procedures relax the body well, relieve stress, nourish and moisturize the skin. The spa offer can be used alone, as a couple or in a company.

3. Church of St. Mary

Two towers of different heights rise above the main square of this striking brick church, known simply as St. Mary's Church. The first church was built here in 1220, and after its destruction during the Tatar invasion, the construction of the basilica began.

4. Auschwitz-Birkenau

For most tourists who come to Krakow, a tour of the Auschwitz concentration camp is a must.

5. Salt mine in Velichka

The Salt Mine in Wieliczka is an amazing and fascinating attraction of Krakow. About 14 km southeast of Krakow, Wieliczka is famous for its deep salt mine. This is an amazing world of grottoes, where everything in its depths is carved by hand from salt blocks.

6. Jagiellonian University - Collegium Maius

It is the oldest Polish university and one of the oldest universities in the world. Founded on May 12, 1364. The golden age of the Collegium Maius fell on the 15th and 16th centuries. Many of the most famous Polish scientists studied and studied at this university, including Nicolaus Copernicus and many Western European professors. Krakow, having a collegium, even became an important center of alchemy.

7. Altar of Veit Stoss in Kraków

The richly decorated interior is decorated in different styles and colors. However, the monumental altar carved from linden by Veit Stoss in 1477-1489 attracts attention.

8. Underground market square in Krakow

The exhibition presents archaeological excavations conducted in 2005-2010. Standing on Krakow's cobbled historic market square, it would be easy to miss the 4,000 square meter archaeological building and ultra-modern multimedia extravaganza just a few meters underground. Archaeologists even climbed 5 meters below Krakow's Market Square. Thanks to their work, 11,000 exhibits were found. They are related to the trade in salt, lead and copper, as well as to the ancient daily life of Krakow.

9. New Huta

The vast concrete suburb of Krakow was designed by the Soviet Union as a model proletarian city.

10. Tower of the town hall

Gothic tower of the 15th century, located on the Market Square in Krakow. Its height is 70 meters. Once it belonged to the main administrative buildings of Krakow, but today it is more of a tourist attraction with mysterious architecture and an interesting atmosphere.

11. Cloth rows

A large market hall, built in the 13th century and successively expanded in the following years. It is located in the heart of Krakow's Market Square. On the first floor there is a branch of the National Museum.

12. Dragon's Lair

Limestone cave not far from Wawel. One of the most famous monuments of Krakow, connected with the legend of the XIII century about the Wawel dragon. According to legends, a fierce dragon once lived in the cave, which is now part of the Wawel Castle complex. He terrorized the town for several months, demanding weekly gifts of cattle. If the townspeople do not provide the required number of animals, the dragon will burn and eat the people. In 1972, in memory of this creature, a sculpture of the Wawel Dragon by Bronislav Chroma was installed near the entrance to the cave. The cave is 270 meters long, and visitors can explore 81 meters.

13. Elvis Presley Avenue

Thousands of statues have been erected in honor of the King of Rock and Roll, but none of them are quite like the one in Krakow's city park.

14. Bones of the Wawel dragon

Bones that probably belonged to a Polish dragon. Wawel Cathedral houses the remains of many Polish kings, but the real attraction is a mass of bones said to have belonged to a local dragon.

15. Lebanon

A ruined replica of the German concentration camp in Plaszow was built for Steven Spielberg's film Schindler's List in 1992, the place is very realistic and has its own criminal history.

16. Kosciuszko Mound

This man-made barrow monument was built from earth from all over the Polish Empire.

17. The old synagogue

One of the oldest synagogues in Poland, built around the 15th century. Before World War II, it was the central synagogue. Since 1958, it has been a branch of the National Museum in Krakow. Tourists can see items of ceremonial art.

18. Synagogue Remukh

This is the only functioning synagogue in Krakow. Jews from all over the world come here to pray at the grave of Rabbi Moses Iserles, or Remu for short.

19. Pharmacy-museum

It houses a collection of 22,000 items, including old laboratory equipment, rare pharmaceutical instruments, barrels, books and medical records.

20. Parm named after Henrik Jordan

You are likely to pass families with children on the grass and fitness enthusiasts in the community gym. Or stop to watch skateboarders defy gravity on the ramp, sit by the lake and watch people paddle past in kayaks.

21. Art Bunker

Bunkier Sztuki has three floors of contemporary works, from young local Polish artists to international names. You will find everything from photos to paintings, multimedia works.

22. Church of St. Wojciech

This tiny church is definitely worth a visit if you are in Krakow's Market Square. It's small but gorgeous and has an amazing ceiling. The paintings around the dome have been beautifully restored.

23. Stained Glass Museum

If you want to know more about the picturesque stained glass windows of Polish churches, palaces or residences, you must visit this place. The guide will show you the entire complex process of creating and appearing works of art. It's a great experience and a good choice to understand how hard this job is.

24. Monument to Jan Karsky

Jan Karski was a famous resistance activist during the Second World War, and his statue is a great place to take a photo and reflect on his brave actions to save Jews during the war.

25. Monument to Grunwald

Like most Kraków works, the original was quite badly damaged during the war. But this very large and impressive monument was restored almost to its former glory and opened in 1976.

26. Zoo in Krakow

Zoological park located in the forest. It's nice to walk. Beautifully shown animals. Nice enclosure for monkeys. You can observe animals nearby. Giraffes, big cats and elephants make the biggest impression. There are a lot of animals, and it takes about 3 hours to see each one up close. There is potential here for a great big zoo.

27. Jan Matejka

's house

An interesting small museum dedicated to the Polish artist Jan Matejko. He came from Krakow and was one of the most important Polish artists. His life, some of his paintings and furniture have been preserved in this house. You can also see what the studio looked like.

28. Pinball Museum

It is assumed that more than 50 games will be played. Interactive place You can play all day for PLN 40. It is located in underground tunnels dating back to the 17th century. Nice place to have fun. About 6 rooms have great classics.

29. Franciscan Church

The fact that this is the church where John Paul II prayed before becoming pope makes it truly special. The church always seems to be full of believers. It is worth visiting here just for the stained glass windows and the wonderful architecture.

30. Park Planta

Beautiful park, surrounding city center, pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists. Beautiful flowers and fountains, it is clean and safe. The park is a beautiful green space that makes the city center even more pleasant.

31. Former Jewish quarter

Spend the day walking around, stopping at churches, synagogues and cafes. The place is enchanting and a reminder of life from time immemorial. There is a lot to see in this part of the city. Area for hiking for several hours.


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