The case is far from empty, considering that charters from Russia for vacations to Egypt may drop in the near future. Egypt's three key beach airports are absolutely ready to resume air traffic with the Russian Federation, including in the area of security. As reports, this was announced on September 11 by the public representative of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Egypt, Bassem Abdel Karim. In turn, the civil servant noted that there are positive developments between the two states on the topic of resuming air traffic, but the exact time schedule of future steps regarding the resumption of flights has not yet been determined. According to the data distributed by other news portals of the Russian Federation, it can also be concluded that the dialogue is ongoing, but it was not possible to reach clear agreements. Be that as it may, but everyone realizes that sooner or later one of the most famous destinations of the winter stream tour in Russia will become available. How will this affect our Ukrainian market? There can be no unequivocal answer, positive and negative points will be present in any case. The benefit is that the Egyptians will have another reason to improve the level of service in hotels, which are quite tired from the past crisis years. Therefore, there will be fewer complaints. There is a chance that the preserved ones will open before the hotel's optimal times. Additional cash flows will help the future recovery of the tourism sector and infrastructure. A spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey is quite possible that in the conditions of restoration of tourist flow from one of the main destinations, Egyptian hoteliers-owners will change their rhetoric on signing contracts. In this regard, Ukrainian tour operators may not find such interesting conditions as before. However, this is rather a forecast for the next winter season, because for the winter of 2017/18 all contracts have already been concluded.

It is also possible that the revival of air traffic with Russia will no longer be such a "breakthrough" for Egypt as it could have been a year ago. It is quite expected that Egypt managed to turn its crisis into an advantage, having managed to raise cooperation with other markets. In favor of this theory, recently published results of a study by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations testify, according to which Egypt has taken one of the main places in the world in terms of inflow of tourists. According to the results of 2017, the increase was more than 50%. Or more than 2.5 million tourists (despite the fact that in 2016, 5.26 million foreign guests came to the country). The numbers speak for themselves: tours to Egypt are in demand, the flow of tourists is noticeably increasing even without the Russian market.


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