It will soon be possible to fill out the visa application online. The exact date has not yet been announced, the estimated time of introduction is in a few weeks. This information was shared by the director of the National Tourism Organization of Egypt, Hisham El-Demery, with the media during the UITM-2017 autumn tourism exhibition. This will reduce formalities upon arrival at the airport and avoid a long wait in line to fill out a visa application form, which is especially relevant in the high season.

On the one hand, it is logical that the Egyptian authorities are liberalizing the visa regime just before the winter period of increased demand. On the other hand, it is obvious that the relaxations will mainly affect Hurghada and to a lesser extent Sharm el-Sheikh. The fact is that Sharm already has a simplified visa regime, which not everyone uses. A visa to Egypt is not required for short-term trips, the Sinai Only stamp, which is applied upon arrival at the airport, is sufficient. This allows you to save on the cost of a tourist visa, which is 25 dollars.

Coincidentally or not, most of the charter flights of tour operators for vacations in Egypt from Kyiv and the regions of Ukraine are directed to Sharm el-Sheikh. According to the Ukrainian Association of Travel Agencies, about 100 flights from Kyiv and the regions are planned for this resort in the second week of November alone. For Hurghada, the ambitions are much more modest: only about 40 flights are planned for the same period. It is not surprising that tourists are primarily focused on Sharm el-Sheikh, the simplification of the visa regime will not be so noticeable. Although trips to Egypt via this resort are slightly more expensive, the demand is still much higher due to the more abundant flora and fauna of the Red Sea.

At the same time, for a market tour, such an initiative will certainly not go unnoticed. After all, issuing an electronic visa allows not only to save time for passport control, but also to optimize travel expenses, especially if a family with children or a large company is traveling. Because this service is usually cheaper than a visa on arrival. In addition, tour operators are increasingly actively expanding the geography of charter flights to Egypt. And for the promotion of the relatively new resort of Marsa-Alam for Ukraine, the simplification of the visa regime may be ripe as possible.


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