In the city of Al-Daid in the Emirates, the opening of the largest safari park outside of Africa is planned, which will become a home for more than 50 thousand residents from different parts of Africa. The official opening is planned for the second half of 2018.
A safari park with an area of 14 square meters. km will be located on the territory of the Seih Al Bardi nature reserve in the Elebriddi nature reserve. The inhabitants of the safari park will be wild African animals, including 15 species of antelope, 15 species of giraffe and 5 species of rhinoceros, as well as rare breeds of local animals. are acclimatized in a closed area under the protection of specialists of the Seih Al Bardi reserve. It is noted that the territory of the reserve is a coastal plain with a large concentration of acacia trees, which make it extremely comfortable and close to natural living conditions for animals. The idea of the safari park was created at the initiative of the ruler of Sharjah with the aim of forming infrastructure and increasing the tourist flow to the central region of the emirate. Another plus to go on vacation in the UAE.


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