No wonder that the sea is so attractive to all romantics, inspires and gives a special feeling of strength and energy.

Fest Week. Dance until morning at Sea Dance in Budva!

More is a real conductor who gently and beautifully directs his invisible orchestra. You can sit for hours on the shore and listen to this music - the waves run to the shore, creating a rhythm, then the wind joins in, adding to the melody the noise of the leaves of the trees. Here the seagulls enter with their party. But musical magic is brought by the creaking sound of ropes from ships tied to the pier - swaying on the water, they add their shades to the melody. Just close your eyes and enjoy!

And it is not surprising that the brightest and most unusual music festivals take place on the seashore - because this is how the music of the sea and world-famous hits merge into one amazing and unforgettable chorus!

At Sea Dance you will be able to:

  1. Attend performances by such stars as: Sean Paul, Mahmut Orhan, John Newman, Fatboy Slim, Who See, TKNO, Squire, Mind Against, South London Ordnance, Space Dimension Controller and many more
  2. Enjoy an extraordinary and varied music program, dance shows and a lot of surprises
  3. Completely feel the atmosphere of the festival, which won the European Festivals Awards in the nomination "The best European medium-sized festival". By the way, more than 10,000 music lovers from different countries visit the festival every year
  4. Rate the venue of the festival - Yaz beach, which is recognized as one of the best places for recreation on the Budva Riviera
  5. Walk and relax, enjoying the ancient city of Budva and its iconic places
  6. Get to know extraordinary people from different parts of the world
  7. Have a great time, enjoying the sea, music, delicious cocktails and great company

Important details:

  • Place: the festival will be held on Yaz beach near Budva (about 7 km)
  • Date: 13.07 to 15.07. Therefore, do not delay and book tours now!
  • Tickets: price - from 59 euros. You can buy a ticket on the website of the festival

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